AURORA Final Review Meeting

The AURORA project [1] has reached its final milestone (MS#9) and the Final Review Meeting was held in Prague with the participation of external experts from the Advisory Board and a representative of the European Commision.

The project aims at providing a European tool suite for the process and validation of critical auto-coded flight software product in the space domain and the demonstration of autocoding technology in an industrially relevant environment. It is executed by a consortium of SENER Spain (the prime contractor), N7 Space, esc Aerospace and Universidad Politécnica De Madrid.  N7 Space has managed the implementation of standardized component-based interfaces (CBI) and contributed to the flight software autocoding life-cycle process definition. TASTE [2], ESA’s model-based toolchain was selected as the basis for the CBI development and extended with the relevant capabilities [3], some of which were summarized in a video presentation [4].

All deliverables have been submitted, and the contributions to the TASTE toolchain are already publicly available in the respective open-source repositories [5] [6].

AURORA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 10100429.

[1] AURORA project website –

[2] TASTE toolchain website –

[3] CBI implementation summary –

[4] Video presentation of the AURORA contributions to TASTE –