About Us

Do you need embedded software development experts, experienced in satellite on-board computers?
You came to the right place in the universe! 
Who are we?

Experts in embedded software development and MBSE based solutions for the space industry. Our mission is to help the space industry to produce more reliable and trustworthy systems based on formal development processes. Our experience comes from projects realized for space agencies and commercial customers.

Our products & services 

We specialize in on-board software for advanced satellite systems. Our software is customizable and can be used on various small and medium scale satellites, including hi-tech scientific missions. We offer custom software for a vast range of on-board systems based on SPARC or ARM architectures running bare-metal or RTOS based applications, which are often used in small satellite missions.

We can take responsibility for the whole software development process based on rigorous ESA ECSS standards. With our help, you will save time, resources and make sure that everything runs smoothly. We can also provide your team with a formal MBSE toolchain for your platform with various models that can be tailored for your mission needs. As a result, the process will run faster and more consistently.

The Company

N7 Space is the joint venture initiated between a Polish N7 Mobile and a Belgian SPACEBEL . We are characterized by a safe, reliable and formalized approach to software development. 

We work with space agencies, commercial customers and actively support scientific missions. We can deliver software that is verified and accepted by the European Space Agency for practically every type of space mission. Our offer includes tailored reliable software, based on specific requirements and capabilities of satellites.  

If you want to simplify the process of designing, building, testing your satellite, and reduce the risk of mission failure use our software solutions for on-board computers.